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So you’re thinking of moving to Wellington, New Zealand? Here’s what you need to know about property and living in this amazing country.

Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, and it’s a great place to live. The cost of property is high here, but it’s worth it for the beautiful scenery and wonderful lifestyle. There are more and more Australians making the move to New Zealand each year and the reasons may be quite simple, Australians and New Zealanders have long shared a laid back attitude, they prefer to make the most of every moment and have a passion for the great outdoors and adventure. There a common interests here and only a short distance away separated by the Tasman. Similar to Auckland and Christchurch, Wellington is a well connected city that attracts people from all over the world. It is home to a population of over 400,000 and is known for its culinary delights, coffee culture, arts and fashion scene.

The People

New Zealand is a diverse country with people from all over the world living here. English is the main language spoken, but there are also many Maori words that are used in everyday conversation. The locals are friendly and welcoming, always happy to help out a stranger.

The Weather

The weather in Wellington has on average over 2100 hours of sunshine per year, making it a wonderful place to explore with plenty of daylight left after work. You can go an enjoy one of many restaurants by the water, have a bike ride with friends or take a walk in the park. The temperature averages about 21 degrees between October and April and the winter in Wellington is quite short and never extreme.

The Cost of Living

Wellington property is not as expensive as Auckland and Christchurch and is comparable to property prices in Australia’s Sydney and Melbourne cities. If you’re looking relocate from Australia and buy property in Wellington, there are some advantages to be had as a strong conversion rate will allow a swift entry into the market. The average house price is around NZD $600,000, but there are some great deals to be found if you know where to look. The cost of moving can range between $1000-$5000 depending on how much contents you have but it is recommended to enquire directly with Wellington movers for a more accurate moving quote. You can expect a weekly grocery run for a family of 4 to be around NZ $350, monthly public transport ticket for NZ $149, a lunch meal including drink in the business district to hover around NZ $21.

The Scenery

As for the most of New Zealand, the scenery in Wellington is simply beautiful. From the rugged coastline, to the greenest of hills and everything in between, Wellington is a nature lover’s paradise. The city is surrounded by parks and reserves, and there are plenty of hiking trails for the adventurous types. You can often find locals picnicking or playing sports in one of the many parks around town on any sunny day. The attractive waterfront can be explored on foot, bike or even via the famous Wellington cable car. A popular spot to watch the sunset is at Mount Victoria, where you can take in panoramic views of the city and harbour.

The Culture

Wellington is known as the cultural capital of New Zealand. The city has a thriving arts and fashion scene, with galleries, theatres and live music venues scattered throughout the CBD. There are also many festivals held here throughout the year, from food festivals, Artsplash, Maori Language Week to Garden Trails that can be explored.

Wellington has something for everyone and is a great place to call home. If you’re looking for an easy lifestyle, plenty of sunshine and stunning scenery, Wellington is the place for you.

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When it comes to property investment, there are a few different options available to investors. You can invest in property in your home country, or you could look into investing in property in other countries. If you’re looking at investing in property abroad, you might be wondering if Australia or New Zealand is a better option. Both countries are equally appealing and rank highly on the most liveable charts that are evaluated each year. There are similarities between the two countries with plenty of sunshine, consistently reaching over 2100 hours of sunshine each year, both have comfortable year-round climate, both offer a laid back lifestyle, encouraging outdoor activities, have some of the world’s best beaches and excellent education and healthcare facilities.

The property market in Australia is much more expensive than in New Zealand. This means that you’ll likely get a higher return on investment if you choose to invest in property in Australia. However, the property market in New Zealand is still considered to be one of the most overvalued in the world based on rent and income.

Property Investing in Australia

When it comes to property investment, Australia is a no-brainer. The average property price is around $150,000 AUD more than New Zealand dwellings. Australia has a vast amount of land and developments seem to be continuously popping up with new estates promising spacious parkland and wetlands with all the essential amenities close by to create a family oriented community. The upside to investing in property in Australia is that there are plenty of opportunities for growth. The Australian property market has consistently outperformed most global property markets and is predicted to continue doing so into the foreseeable future.

Property Investing in New Zealand

On the other hand, property investment in New Zealand may also be a suitable option that can help with investment diversification. According to QV data, the residential house value in Auckland is over 1 million dollars and is proven to provide great returns over time. If you are looking to take advantage of the huge tourist market the South Island attracts to its shores each year, then why not invest in the Otago region. City central apartments are becoming more and more popular with investors and are a great option for securing a stable return on investment.

No matter which country you choose to invest in property, it’s important to do your own research and understand the local market well before investing your hard-earned money. It is also wise to consider if the market you plan to invest suits your individual specific requirements. Investing in any market must be catered to your own unique needs, as everyone has different circumstances, it is impossible to say New Zealand makes a better investment than Australia or vice versa. However it can be said that both markets offer excellent opportunities for investment and if you already own property in Australia and looking to build your portfolio, it is worth considering investing in property in New Zealand simply to diversify and help build a long term robust investment.

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